FOL Annual Pledge Drive Procedures and Time Line
Author:Tom Adams Feb 2014


1.    In early to mid-January or before, decide on an image to put on the 5 ½ X 8 ½ inch pledge card stock. From the outset, that has been one or more children engaged in some form of reading-related activity. (see examples in CD).


2.    Edit text on card for relevance and readability.


3.    Review and edit spreadsheet with names and addresses of library patrons and other supporters from the previous year’s mailout. This typically includes some 120 names and addresses.  Consult with Hamilton Public Library director for possible additions based on director’s personal experience with patrons. (Early pledge drive mailouts included all of the library patrons, but was found not to be cost effective.)


4.    Arrange with Hamilton Printing for card stock, addressing and printing. In past years these cost around $65 but have all been donated by Gate and Keith Gatewood. (Be sure and recognize the Gatewood’s in the kickoff news article and in the wrap-up article.)


5.    Put up banners at library announcing pledge drive and write article for Hamilton Herald-News for publication in first edition in February, with “We Valentine heart Our Library” logo.


6.    Create a letter to area businesses soliciting funds, ideally targeted to one or more specific objectives (e.g., in 2013 it was for computer and related technology replacement and enhancement at the library). (See example in CD.) Since the funds go directly to the library, make sure the library board is in agreement with the stated goal(s) before sending the letter.


7.    In the past, this letter has been printed at home and hand stamped from postage paid for from FOL funds and consisted of 45-50 names.


8.    Each week, enter pledges received into spreadsheet. Write a weekly newspaper article with progress to date, recognizing donors by name but not individual amounts. Respect donors who wish to remain anonymous. (See examples in CD.)


9.    At the end of the pledge campaign, typically the last week in March, write and submit a wrap-up newspaper article, thanking all those who contributed. Include a photo, if there were tangible results, e.g., new computers.


10.  Edit the name and address spreadsheet on a continuing basis to delete deceased or unreachable patrons and correct bad addresses.


11.  Take down the pledge drive banners.