FOL Books and Butt Procedures
Author:Tom Adams Feb 2014 (revised)

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By mid-January ...for sale scheduled in April... contact Kent Wenzel and work out an acceptable date for the event, based on his travel schedule and other community event dates. (Typically we use a date somewhere between the last Friday in March, and mid-to late April.)


Using the agreed to date, begin planning for the event.




contact the City of Hamilton, Higginbotham’s and Lee Healthcare to reserve tables needed for the event.


Contact the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce and reserve their tents and sound system.




  1. Move books from the library storage unit;
  2. Move and set up tables for the sale;
  3. Unpack books and distribute onto tables behind the library;
  4. Help Kent Wenzel serve sandwiches and drinks and bag “to-go” orders (2-3 people);
  5. Staff the sales table at the event; and
  6. Pack up and return books to the library storage unit.




Ask the library director to contact HISD about getting student volunteers to help with setting up tables and moving the books out of and back into the storage unit.


Get one or more large tarps to cover the top of the library patio the day of the event (Tom Adams has provided the tarps and the rope/bungee cords in the past).


FOL works out the event details with Kent Wenzel of who provides what:, e.g., paper plates, take away containers, plastic cups for iced tea, napkins, ice and plastic utensils.


Arrange for trash cans and trash bags


If books will be sold by bag, assure a sufficient supply of bags for event.  




  Submit short booksale description to Hamilton Herald News for the Newsbrielfs column

  At least two weeks before the sale, flyers should be designed, printed and distributed to advertise the sale.  Flyers should include the date, time and location of the sale and note that all proceeds benefit the library and should be distributed to HISD, the molding mill and the hospital, wellness center and clinic


An article should be written and submitted to the Hamilton Herald-News in advance of the sale.  The deadline for submissions is noon on Tuesday before the Wednesday edition.  A second article should follow up on the sale and include thanks to our sponsors


KCLW will do free PSA’s if text is submitted to them prior to the sale.



There are two 4’x4’ signs that need to be placed the morning of the event. The one on the gray wooden frame goes at the intersection of West Henry and US 281, across from the old bank building and the other one zip tied to two T-posts at the corner of South Pecan and East Hwy 36 in the grass between the curb and sidewalk.


There is a banner for the Friends and one that says Book Sale. Both should be displayed on the wooden framework at the back of the library the day of the event.


Books should be culled and valuable books set aside for separate sale on E-bay.  


Dirty or damaged books should be set aside for disposal as they are unpacked and distributed to the tables prior to the sale. 


Romance books and Reader’s Digest Condensed Books should be culled..


Large print books should be set aside and labeled for the hospital and local nursing homes.


All other books should be distributed among the tables based on the pre-printed book category signs posted on the display tables.


Printed price lists should be posted and given to volunteers at the cashier’s table.


Money and Supplies:  A bank bag or other cash box, a deposit slip and $100 in small bills and change will be needed.  Also, calculators, pens, a labeled donation jar, tape, scissors, magic markers and the “Hamilton Library” tote bags plus plastic or paper bags for books should be available. 


Baked goods for sale: Usually FOL members bring baked goods to be sold at the event for patrons wanting dessert. Also, bottled water is provided by the FOL for those who want it.






  • Our policy has been that we do not charge for bibles.
  •   Checks are accepted for the amount of purchase or for donations only. 
  • Never give cash over the amount of the sale.
  •   Refer to the price list for multiple purchases for those customers who choose not to buy  books by the bag.


    About 30 minutes before the sale ends, begin packing books into boxes for return to the library storage unit.(Additional culling can be conducted during this process.)




    Remove all books, flyers and pick up any trash. 


    Remove the two 4’x4’ signs and the two T-posts for storage.


    Arrange to have the tables returned to their respective donors by Saturday afternoon.


    Return tents and sound system to the Chamber of Commerce


    Return all of the books, less culls, to the library storage unit.