Hamilton Texas Lions Club

Hamilton, Texas - What a hometown should be!

Hamilton Lions Club

Hamilton is a central Texas town of about 3000 folks an hour west of Waco, so we are in 'cowboy country' rather then 'farmer' country. In our small town, the Lions club also fills the role of other clubs like Kiwanis.

Our Lions Club has over 40 members; about 20 to 30 active members show up each week for the meeting. We meet in our own building, built to support youth organizations. - also see this .

We are farmers, lawyers, bankers, teachers, doctors, dentists, pharmacists, radio station owner, preachers, city employees, retired folk - a real cross section of the men and women of Hamilton.

We are a member of Texas Lions District MD 2-X3 in central Texas.

Go look HERE for frequently asked questions about us.

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