Hamilton Texas Lions Club

Hamilton, Texas - What a hometown should be!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Answers

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About the Hamilton Lions Club

Who are members?

Look HERE .

What do you do?

Look at our activities or service or fund raising .

When do you Meet?

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Where do you Meet?

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Why should I become a Lion?

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How much does it cost to be a Lion?

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What are the meetings like?

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Why do you meet at Noon?

The Lion Club lunch is probably the best in town, and people who work need to eat anyway. (Maybe its just a good excuse to get out of the office :-)

There are so many evening activities, especially for parents with kids, that a lunch meeting is easier to schedule.

What if I don't Live in the City?

Many of our members live outside the city of Hamilton - some in Hico, or even near our border in neighboring counties. Its more a matter of whether you can get to the meetings and are dedicated to service.

Do the Lions have Men and Women Members?

Certainly. Get membership information HERE .

What About Kids as Members?

You are welcome if you are a kid at heart, and over 18. But we do not have a children's branch of our Lions Club. Some clubs do have an affiliate Leo Club; we do not.

About Service

What facilities are available?

The youth building is available to the public for approved activities, and can be rented by acceptable groups. Look here for a description.. Contact us here if you are interested.

I need some help?

If you are in the Hamilton area, go ahead and contact us HERE . If you are not, click on 'Links' , which will connect you to other Lions organizations.

How do I make a Donation?

Go ahead and contact us HERE .

About Other Things

I Can't Find What I Want To Know?

Well, sorry about that. Go ahead and contact us HERE and we will try to help out - thats what we do.

There is a Problem with the Website?

Oops! Go ahead and contact us HERE - email is probably best for this.

Is there a SUMMARY I can Print?

Sure - go HERE and print this one page summary.

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