Hamilton Texas Lions Club

Hamilton, Texas - What a hometown should be!

Hamilton Lions Club Administration

The board of directors are the people who run the club. It consists of officers, directors, and past presidents.

Officers: 2017-2018

  • President - Lion Joe Baker
  • 1st Vice President - Lion Norman Horner
  • 2nd Vice President - Lion
  • 3rd Vice President - Lion Kelly Kuhl
  • Secretary/Treasurer - Lion Elaine Baker
  • Lion Tamer - Lion Tommy McKay
  • Tail Twister - Lion Drew Dabbs

Past Presidents

  • Lion Paula Christian
  • Lion Allen Kimberly
  • Lion Bill Funderburke
  • Lion Doug Baker
  • Lion Ryan Polster
  • Lion T.P. Matlock
  • Lion Jon Lengefeld
  • Lion Rodney Craddock



  • President: provides the general overall leadership for the club
  • Secretary/Treasurer: maintains clubs records, correspondence, accounts & disbursements
  • 1st Vice Presidents: Program & Entertainment Chairman; automatically becomes the incoming president.
  • 2nd Vice Presidents: Building Committee Chair
  • 3rd Vice Presidents: Membership Committee Chair
  • Lion Tamer: present, and maintain clubs regalia during meetings
  • Tail Twister: initiate club fellowship & collect fines during club meetings; a finable offense is pretty much what he decides it is


One more Year as Director

  • Lion Eugene Clary
  • Lion Beverly Rhode

Two more Years as Director

  • Lion __
  • Lion __

They, together with the other officers of the club, shape and prepare club policy to be voted on by the members of the club.


Officers are nominated and elected each May, and installed at a club picnic soon after.

There are 4 directors, each serving a two year term. Every year, two of the four directors leave, and two more are elected to take their place.

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