Hamilton Texas Lions Club

Hamilton, Texas - What a hometown should be!


Our resources are mostly targeted toward youth and citizens of Hamilton County, but we also serve others in Texas, our country, and the world.

Youth Services

Youth Deer Hunt

Since 1999, we have held annual raffle to raise funds for and provide a youth deer hunt. This is for kids that would normally not get to hunt or learn gun safety. 32 got to hunt in 2009.

For more information, look here.

Hunter Safety Classes

We provide several authorized hunter safety classes a year, in conjunction with our youth deer hunt. They are available to the public also ( with reservations). A certificate from these classes is now required for any hunter in Texas born after September 2, 1972..

40 hunters attended in 2009.


We award one annual $500 scholarship to Hamilton High School senior.

Lions Club Youth Building

We have provided free use of our Lions club building for local youth organizations for decades.

Youth Tournament Support

We provide financial and 'hands on' support for many youth activities and tournaments in Hamilton County. In association with the city parks department, in June, we sponsor the "Lions Club Youth Triathlon".

Police Night Out

We provide and cook hotdog meals for all comers at the annual Hamilton recognition night for local service organizations: police, sheriff , volunteer fire department . ,

American Cancer Society Relay For Life.

We provided financial support for this annual fund raising event in Hamilton County.

We also Support:

Eye Glasses For The Needy and Texas Lions Eyeglasses Recycling Center

One of the primary missions of our Lions Club is to assist the visually impaired by providing eyeglasses at no cost to qualified residents of Hamilton County - elderly and children.

In 2009, we provided specific eye services to four Hamilton area youth and senior citizens

You can assist us in our mission by donating your used/old eyeglasses. We have an eyeglass donation bins at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

You might be surprised at the great benefit you can provide for a visually impaired person with a donation of used/old eyeglasses.

Lone Star Lions Eye Bank

They preserve and provide transplant corneas (eg- for cataract surgery).

Hearing Aids For The Needy

We provide hearing Aids at no cost to qualified residents of Hamilton County - elderly and children.

Medical Mission to Africa

We provide financial support for local medical people who visit a Lions Club in Africa.

They bring medical supplies with them, and provide health services for the needy, and medical training for the local medical professionals.

Texas Lions Camp

We sponsor children to the Lions children's camp for physically handicapped and diabetic children, located on a 500+ acre site in Kerrville, TX. We also provide financial support for the camp.

Click HERE for more information.

Leader Dogs For The Blind

Canine Companions For Independence trains "seeing eye" dogs and their owners.

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Lions Efforts Against Drugs

Our Lions district works toward this goal with a special program.

Texas Lions Foundation

The Texas Lions Foundation was formed by and for the Lions Clubs of Texas in order to provide grants for Humanitarian & Disaster Relief Purposes. Funds for these grants come from Lions and Lions Clubs in Texas who have made voluntary contributions to the Texas Lions Foundation or have conducted fund raising events specifically to benefit the Foundation.

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Lions World Service For The Blind

"To enable people who are blind or visually impaired to function independently and to live full, productive lives with dignity and self-respect, and to promote a positive public awareness of blindness."

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Lions Club International Foundation

An agent of Lions Club International, it provides emergency relief to global disasters such as earthquakes and floods.

Other Lions Charities

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